Pico 4 analysis: The ideal headset to (re)start virtual reality with out problems on a spending plan | NextPit

Pico 4 review: The best headset to (re)start VR without headaches on the cheap | NextPit

The Pico 4 from ByteDance, the mom or papa company of TikTok, is a standalone VR/XR headset that has one objective in life: to uncrown the Meta Mission 2. Need to you have actually run out the virtual reality scene for many years as well as desire to jump correct once again right into it, or in instance you are entirely muddle-headed as well as desire to provide it a make every effort, the Pico 4 lacks uncertainty among the best entrance variables right into the globe of electronic as well as mixed truth.


  • Really sharp photo premium quality with out the God Rays effect
  • Great lugging alleviation
  • Very flexible interpupillary range
  • Deliberate passthrough
  • Really simple as well as fast to set up
  • Ergonomic joysticks
  • Really proper as well as trustworthy tracking
  • Fairly valued well worth


  • Directory of features wants
  • The two.5-hour battery life is suspicious pondering the battery capacity
  • The Pico virtual reality software application is underutilized

The Pico 4 basically

The Pico 4 is a standalone or all-in-one virtual reality headset. Mostly, you need to utilize it with out needing to affix it to a COMPUTER. The headset, like its controllers, will certainly function wirelessly (though link to a computer via USB-C or Wi-Fi 6 is practical as well as usually necessary, specifically for large computer game).

The 128 GB Pico 4 is valued at 429 as well as 499 for the 256 GB design. It’s inaccessible within the United States, as a result the  expenses. Each are furnished with 8 GB of RAM, as well as yow will certainly uncover it merely on Amazon.com. It’s a straight rival of the Meta Mission 2, which is 50 dearer in Europe.

However, that is the last time I’ll make a comparability with the Meta headset on this analysis. I intend to welcome you to discover our Meta Mission 2 analysis by my associate Matt Zellmer that understands a lot more worrying the subject than I do.

The Pico 4 is tailored towards newbies to the virtual reality globe. / NextPit

Sure, I am a total noob in connection with something virtual reality. I have actually never ever assessed every various other in vogue offered on the marketplace, as well as I am not a virtual reality player in any kind of regard. However, that is all right. It is devoted players like me that the Pico 4 is focusing on.

Its well worth is relatively fairly valued in contrast with the Meta Mission Specialist as well as HTC XR Elite which damage the 1,500 mark. However, its technological specifications make it extremely hostile, in addition to its pancake lenses, the good battery life in its integrated nature, as well as the dependability of its controller tracking.

It is really beginning if you desire to (re)start your virtual reality trip with out needing to disrupt the banks as well as with out taking a too much quantity of headache.

Arrangement & {equipment}

The Pico 4 is an all-in-one headset, making its very first advantage being the advantage of established as well as arrangement. There are none cable televisions to ensure that you can connect in, making the proficiency 100% plug-and-play.

What I preferred:

  • Really simple established training course of.
  • Very instinctive taking care of as well as key controls, specifically if in instance you have actually carried out with a leisure console a minimum of as quickly as in your life.
  • Specific interpupillary range (IPD) change.

What I did not like:

  • Required convenient over our details to ByteDance.

Pico 4 Headset
The headset as well as controllers function entirely wi-fi / NextPit

Within the huge Pico 4 area, we plainly uncover the headset with the integrated 5,300 mAh battery inside the band placed on the once again. We in addition obtain an extra body for the visor, a set of wi-fi controllers (that are powered by AA batteries), a battery charger, as well as a USB-C cord. That is it.

Merely put on the headset, trigger the center via the proper switch on the visor, power up the controllers independently, as well as likewise you’re excellent to go.

Pico 4 Headset
The Pico 4 power switch. / NextPit

The extremely initial point to do is to detail the play area. It is fairly easy, really. Merely follow the instructions as well as ‘attract’ a line under with the joysticks. The safety helmet is after that in “passthrough” setting, which assists you to see your ambience as well as indicates that you can merely uncover your strategy round.

You need to after that talk to the Internet via the setups. To do something about it, most likely to the Pico Laboratory setups to trigger the 90 Hz refresh fee (the default 72 Hz refresh fee can boost the sensation of wooziness or kinetosis), as well as talk to both your TikTok account (ByteDance) or your Pico account.

The safety helmet in addition provides wonderful change of the interpupillary range to line up the 2 “glasses” of the safety helmet to the center of your eyes. The change varies from 58mm to 72mm with notches at each 5mm, whereas the turning crown utilized to manage the band is reasonably ergonomic.

In short, it is very easy to prepare, simple to set up, as well as there’s no desire for tutorials or overviews to start the proficiency as rapidly as you unpack the Pico 4.

Pico 4
Pico provides a notch each 5 mm to manage the interpupillary range. / Screenshots: NextPit; Supply: Pico / ByteDance

Style & functional designs

The Pico 4 is a truly comfortable safety helmet to place on, also for prolonged courses. The material-lined visor will certainly not tourist attraction to everyone, specifically when you sweat a fair bit. The safety helmet allows a bit a too much quantity of moderate using via the borders as effectively, nonetheless such complaints are quickly neglected as quickly as it’s put on throughout the head.

What I preferred:

  • Great weight circulation with the battery at the once again.
  • Comfy to place on.
  • Ergonomic controllers.

What I did not like:

  • No 3.5 mm jack plug.
  • The product cellular lining of the visor soaks up sweat merely.

Pico 4 Headset
The Pico 4 battery area is straight built-in right into the band. / NextPit

Overall, the Pico 4 suggestions the ranges at 586g, nonetheless I found it to be extremely moderate when put on. Pico picked to steer the battery to the once again, placing it directly on the band to make the worry circulation added well balanced.

I can have a cranial morphology near that of a Giger Xenomorph, nonetheless the flexible band accustomed itself effectively with my dome. I usually have a problem the area virtual reality headsets move up my head on its own, making the photo entirely fuzzy. With the Pico 4, it continued to be steadfastly in position.

I have actually seen a variety of customers whine worrying the mesh cellular lining of the visor. Favorable, silicone is best using health due to the fact that it would certainly not occupy sweat. Directly, I are most likely to sweat a fair bit.

And also I may reasonably have an absorbing products than plastic or leatherette with sweat trickling below my eyebrow. Regardless, you might merely uncover silicone linings on Amazon.com for rounded 20 or 30.

Examine give

Pico 4 Headset
You might merely replace the mesh lining with a silicone one, acquired independently. / NextPit

Using end, we’re taken care of to excellent obsolete plastic with out a great deal improvement ended up. However, the two-tone layer is aesthetically excellent to have a look at. Its matte element makes the hold of the controllers a fairly good proficiency, supplying enough “hold”.

The controllers themselves are extremely ergonomic. There are 2 triggers, 2 movement switches, as well as a joystick on every of them. The switches are simple to hold, as well as the hoops are portable enough to quit the controllers from clashing when you move your fingers in the middle of a leisure.

Pico 4 Headset
The Pico 4’s controller hoops are tilted diagonally exterior to quit the controllers from running across each other. / NextPit

Photo & audio premium quality

Among numerous significant advertising variables of the Pico 4 is its widely known pancake lenses. They give a choice of 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye. I found the photo premium quality to be excellent using intensity. The LCD panels, nonetheless, are normally a bit as well darkish for my taste at celebrations, I may have preferred to have a bit little bit added difference as well as illumination.

What I preferred:

  • Really sharp photo as well as merely the proper level of smoothness at 90 Hz.
  • No God Rays effect.
  • Passthrough is commendable enough.
  • The large 105 self-control of sight.

What I did not like:

  • Does not have a bit of illumination as well as difference.
  • Grid results appear at usually.
  • 90 Hz refresh fee will certainly not be turned on by default.

Pico 4 Headset
Pico 4 pancake lenses. / NextPit

Pancake lenses

The Pico 4 has pancake lenses versus the Fresnel lenses within the Meta Mission 2. Every knowledge has its advantages as well as drawbacks.

Fresnel lenses do not dim the screen as pancake lenses do. Pancake lenses do not sustain from the “God Rays” effect, which is hideous rays of sunlight that appear when moderate hits the round ridges of Fresnel lenses.

Pancake lenses are in addition added portable as well as call for a lot less location from the screen, which recommends there might be a lot less desire for software application adjustment to limit “pincushion” distortion (similar to extending the edges of a sq.).

In short, pancake lenses are a far better alternative for numerous consumers usually.

Pico 4 Headset
The Pico 4 joysticks are extremely ergonomic. / NextPit

Really sharp photo with none God Rays effect

When It Comes To the Pico 4, I found the photo to be extremely sharp. The ball of sight can be relatively beneficiant, with an FOV of 105 that has marginal distortions on the sides of the photo.

I did not uncover any kind of God Rays effect throughout my usage, which behaves. However, I did uncover the screen to be a smidgen as well darkish in selected scenarios. In some computer game, I utilized to be a bit fast on difference as well as illumination, the photo really felt a bit rinsed.

Commonly, I may uncover a grid effect or “present door effect”. On monochrome surface areas or within the food selection system, it looked like believed you might see a slim grid dividing the pixels. This was similar to trying out the photo using a screen. It isn’t obvious in any kind of regard, nonetheless it’s recognizable occasionally.

Pico 4 Headset
The USB-C port of the Pico 4 is utilized for billing, yet furthermore for relating to a COMPUTER. No jack, nonetheless. / NextPit

Passthrough proper, nonetheless not maximum

The colour passthrough, which allows you see your physical ambience with out eliminating the safety helmet via a 16 MP electronic cam, functions effectively. However, I found that the dimension of seen parts does not associate itself with truth 100%, in addition to an altered deepness. Mostly, there’s a kind of noticeable change when you desire to keep one point round you or when you walk.

For a silent walk, it isn’t a problem in any kind of regard. You might find out the screen of your smart device relatively merely also when I found the photo to be a little bit as well loud at celebrations.

Sound premium quality is remarkably excellent

The Pico 4 incorporates 2 microphones within the decline a component of the headset, placing it as closed as possible to your mouth. I utilized to be in a placement to get a kick out of multiplayer computer game as well as ask people in case they have actually been using the mics by default. Those that addressed favorably seemed apprehensible as well as relatively clear. The criterion will certainly not be excellent although, nonetheless it gets on the same level with what you obtain when you go over on the telephone.

Pico 4 Headset
The stereo are located directly towards your ears on the Pico 4. / NextPit

The stereo placed within the arms of the headset are of great premium quality. Stereo noise is binaural as well as it enhances the experience of immersion, specifically when you move your head. The audio making seemed clear to me with spatialization.

Regretfully, the Pico 4 does not have a 3.5 mm jack to affix it to a wired headset. However, you might sign up with a headset or wi-fi earphones, though this affects the battery life time of the headset.

Pico 4 Headset
The amount switches of the Pico 4 are well-placed, on the proper division of the headset. / NextPit

Effectiveness & tracking

The Pico 4 includes a Snapdragon XR2 SoC as well as 8GB of RAM. The headset assists Bluetooth 5.1 as well as Wi-fi 6 connection. For tracking, it incorporates 4 video cameras as well as a 6DOF system with head, eye, as well as also hand tracking (the latter is inefficient in the mean time).

What I preferred:

  • Remarkable hand tracking
  • Head tracking is merely as reliable
  • Merely flexible as well as versatile appreciating area

What I did not like:

  • Hand tracking will certainly not be fully grown enough as well as underutilized.

The tracking effectiveness of the Pico 4 is fantastic. You might by hand detail the appreciating area with a cost-free tip. We have the ability to in addition opt for vibrant tracking that adjusts to our activities. The safety helmet uncannily ‘understands’ whether you may be standing or resting. It’s likewise feasible to shut off the tracking to conveniently being in your cushion as well as utilize the Pico 4 as a huge remote screen.

Also basically one of the most abrupt activities are replicated in a liquid as well as specific approach. Immersion is full once you release a leisure, as well as you’ll walk as well as gesture easily within the entertainment area with none jerks. In some computer game, the gameplay technicians call for a lot of accuracy, as well as the Pico 4’s controllers never failed me.

I largely carried out an FPS described as Breachers, which is a kind of Rainbow 6 Siege-style entertainment for numerous that understand. I had no disadvantage straightening my tool with my intending angle. Refilling my tools was in addition tidy as well as the controllers did not come across each other.

I in addition utilized the Digital Desktop computer software application a fair bit, which allows you “wheel” your computer to the Pico 4. It benefits seeing YouTube flicks, movies, as well as television collection on Netflix as well as… effectively, that has to do with it. This application provides a head tracking setting so that the screen web content product straightens along with your head activities. The leading tracking struggled extremely effectively there as well.

Regretfully, I really did not look into the Pico 4 by appreciating Heavy steam computer game as well as linking it to a COMPUTER. My notebook computer will certainly not be very efficient enough to run Fifty percent Life: Alyx conveniently, nonetheless I can vouch that the wi-fi link via Wi-Fi 6 struggled extremely effectively.

Pico 4 Headset
These hoops are in addition utilized for checking on the Pico 4. / NextPit

I found its hand keeping an eye on to be undecided at celebrations. Pico discussed that it’s however speculative as well as you’ll need to open the designer options to permit it (Setups > Fundamental > Concerning > Software application design > click 8 celebrations on the last product).

I have actually never ever found any kind of appropriate software application with hand tracking, so I feel we have actually reached go to for Pico/ByteDance to create this knowledge added.

User Interface

The Pico 4 operate on Pico OS 5, which depends on Android 10. The user interface can perhaps be referred to as simple if we required to be ruthless or minimal if we have actually been added beneficiant. The setups are relatively limited nonetheless is more than enough to cowl the nude needs. It’s likewise a plus degree that navigating is reasonably instinctive.

What I preferred:

  • Clear as well as easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Great complimentary as well as paid computer game within the indigenous magazine

What I did not like:

  • Not enough exclusives in contrast with Meta
  • Can not customize the headset via the Pico virtual reality application

Pico 4
The user interface of the Pico 4 is reasonably fundamental in instance you are acquainted in Meta’s. / Screenshots: NextPit; Supply: Pico / ByteDance

On the home screen, we have actually obtained a toolbar containing 7 widgets. Your Pico account, Exploration tab (entertainment recommendations, details, etc.), seller, connects list, documents manager, application, entertainment magazine, as well as setups will certainly be accessed right below.

Pico 4
Bear in mind to go through the Pico Labs tab to trigger the 90 Hz refresh fee. / Screenshots: NextPit; Supply: Pico / ByteDance

The Pico 4 in addition collaborates with the Pico virtual reality application, which comes without investing a cent on Android as well as iphone. It must primarily (actually, exclusively) operate a website to make your entertainment as well as application acquisitions. Regardless, for the key buy, you’ll need to go through the application so regarding include a charge method. Later, you need to get computer game directly using the headset.

I feel it is a shame you can not entrance the Pico 4’s setups via the Pico virtual reality application. You might deal with a variety of concerns, like recordsdata, wi-fi link with the computer, as well as present program. Nonetheless that has to do with all, which is a bit of a shame.

Pico 4
The friend application did refrain a great deal for me throughout my analysis. / Screenshots: NextPit; Supply: Pico / ByteDance

Apart From that, the Pico 4 has some trendy choices. I am describing double-tapping on the proper element of the headset, the area doing so indicates that you can alter to passthrough setting on-the-fly. The automated “stand up” run can be extremely trendy as well as indicates that you can release the headset as well as resume what you have actually been doing as rapidly as you place on it.

When It Comes To the Pico seller, I feel it is relatively well-stocked in the meantime. Certain, there are a variety of Meta exclusives doing not have, nonetheless there’s a great deal to pick from as effectively using complimentary computer game.

Pico 4
The main Pico 4 seller is effectively equipped, nonetheless does not have exclusives in the meantime. / Screenshots: NextPit; Supply: Pico / ByteDance

I found its paid computer game to be a little expensive, selling for rounded 30 on usual. Do not obtain me fallacious, there are some eye-catching titles there as effectively.

Navigating was relatively a pleasing event. The reality that the entryway triggered is the all-round switch is a little bit counter-intuitive, specifically when you discover on your own utilized to appreciating on a console. It took me time to stop immediate the A or B switches to verify one point.

In short, the one imperfection of the Pico 4, in the meantime, is its magazine of distinct computer game. The manufacturer assured that it’ll get added titles with time. Regardless, you might in any way times entrance your Heavy steam entertainment collection if the indigenous magazine is poor to your pc gaming desires.

Battery life & billing speed

The Pico 4 has a 5,300 mAh battery that allows the headset for usage frequently for 2.5 hrs. The controllers work on 2 AA batteries as well as the battery life shows up long term.

What I preferred:

  • Remarkable controller battery life
  • Can be used whereas billing
  • USB-C cord as well as battery charger consisted of

What I did not like:

  • Slow-moving billing speed
  • The two.5-hour battery life shows up a little bit fast pondering the battery capacity

Pico 4 Headset
The Pico 4’s integrated battery has an ability of 5300 mAh. / NextPit

In exact usage, I contend perpetuity remained in a placement to acquire more than 2 hrs of usage. I really feel by connecting it to a COMPUTER, the battery life may be decreased because of streaming.

One can claim that 2.5 hrs will certainly not be extremely prolonged. Bear in mind that it isn’t that for a lot longer long lasting than the Meta Mission 2 both, which has a significantly smaller sized battery, yet it certainly’s more than enough for a lengthy entertainment session that might make you lightheaded or sweat.

I in addition preferred the reality that you might however utilize the headset whereas it is billing via USB-C. Perfectly, head movement will certainly after that be a bit of an issue yet it certainly’s however variable.

Pico 4 Headset
The battery life time of the Pico 4 controllers can last a variety of weeks. / NextPit

When It Comes To the 20-watt wired billing speed, it’s sensibly steady. It takes 2 hrs for a whole recharge. The headset has a tiny LED on the proper element that indicates today battery level. It’s likewise feasible to examine the billing standing via the headset or the Pico virtual reality application.

When it comes to the controllers, they have actually a for a lot longer battery life. The AA batteries that power them can last a truly long time. I have actually been using the headset for 2 weeks currently as well as however have actually not required to alter the controllers’ batteries.

Technical details

  Technical details
Photo Pico 4
Show as well as optics

2160 x 2160 pixels per eye
72/90 Hz refresh fee
105 self-control of sight
Pancake lenses
58 – 72 mm (IPD)


195 x 106 x 255-310 mm (W x H x D)


295 g (with out battery)
586 g (with battery)


Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 1
7 nm building size
Max. 3.2 GHz
Adreno 650 GPU


128/256 GB storage space

Expanding memory None
Digital camera/monitoring

4x 6DoF video cameras
1x 16 MP RGB electronic cam
Eye tracking
Head tracking
Hand tracking

Battery/Battery life

5,300 mAh
2.5 hrs of battery life
20W recharge


Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.1


Stereo stereo
Binaural sound
4 microphones


USB Kind-C adapter
No jack
Air Link link to computer
Link cord link to computer (USB-C to USB-A)
RGB Passthrough


Pico OS 5 based primarily on Android 10

Worth 429

Final Thought

The Pico 4 is, in my sight, the absolute best beginning right into the globe of virtual reality. For integrated actuality features, I found the knowledge to be not fully grown enough in the mean time, neither the hand tracking sufficient for real-world enhanced truth features.

Nonetheless in instance you watch for a virtual reality headset that’s fairly valued using worth as well as easily accessible using usage, the Pico 4 is a fantastic choice. Photo premium quality is prime notch as well as the headset can be extremely comfortable to place on. Tracking is simply wonderful as well as never damages the immersion within the entertainment.

I’m dramatically pondering searching for one. I really preferred the plug-as well as-play and problem-free proficiency. I merely wish that the sporting activity magazine will certainly create with time.

The Pico really made me desire to play virtual reality computer game one more time. I really feel using the headset as a far-off program might uncover lots of relevant features know a routine basis life. Regardless, I actually seem like I am itching to play some computer game. I may also claim it is a set tingling.

What do you take into consideration the Pico 4 using well worth for cash money? May it integrate you with virtual reality favor it provided for me? Do you expect it’s more than the Meta Mission 2?

To dive deeper right into the scene, have a look at our Meta Mission Specialist analysis, basically one of the most exceptional as well as most expensive virtual reality headset offered on the marketplace. It’s likewise feasible to examine our HTC Elite XR heads-on, a premium numerous for a VR/XR headset.

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