Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport examination: Bone transmission earphones for land and also sea

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport bike

The Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport is a single set of earphones from a sensibly unique company. Simply a couple of manufacturers supply water-proof earphones for swimming and also also less focus on bone transmission options for water. Perfectly, water Sound is definitely among them and also the Tri Multi-Sport are bone transmission earphones that might invest as a great deal time in water as they do ashore as an outcome of they’re entirely water-proof. Truthfully, due to the fact that the recognize recommends, these earphones are expected for activities worried in a triathlon, which recommends you’ll have the ability to run and also cycle with them after which take them right into the water.


As we’ll see, the water Sound Tri Multi-Sport are totally matched to their goal, also in case you only require to utilize them for definitely among these activities. Nevertheless, they’re relatively location of passion. Lots of workout earphones are just as succesful with additional choices in case you watch for something for running. Nonetheless, triathletes can be hard-pressed to find something greater for his/her desires than these, despite water Sound’s brand-new options.

Couple of earphones are such engaging buddies for swimming, cycling and also operating. In spite of whatever, it is within the recognize. Definitely, these bone transmission water-proof earphones are light-weight and also comfortable, have an 8GB MP3 individual when its Bluetooth connection is not functioning (as an outcome of Bluetooth would certainly not operate in water), and also audio pretty good for his/her kind concern. . Nevertheless, they are not outstanding due to the fact that the controls on the device have factors signing up certain presses, name premium quality is bad, and also you will certainly need to re-pair their Bluetooth link every single time. That specified, triathletes will certainly not uncover greater for his/her desires.


  • Connection experience: Bluetooth
  • Power supply: USB
  • A certain run: Constructed-in 8GB MP3 individual
  • Audio speaker experience: bone transmission
  • Water resistant index: IPX8
  • Supply of songs: Bluetooth, MP3 individual
  • Battery life: 6 hrs
  • Product Weight: 32 grams (1.13oz)
  • Color: black and also blue

  • Mild and also comfortable
  • Includes 8GB MP3 individual and also earplugs for water
  • Initial price audio premium quality for bone transmission earphones
The inconvenients

  • Controls are difficult to use
  • Needs to match Bluetooth each time
  • Call premium quality is bad

Acquisition this item

Water Sound Tri Multisports

Well worth and also schedule

Whereas the Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport typically retails for $150, around straight from the water Sound internet site and also Amazon.com, there’s a more recent version called the water Sound Tri Expert Multi-Sport with Playlist+, released in late March 2023 , which costs just a little bit additional at $180. The Tri Multi-Sports tasks examined listed here are right to $100 on the moment of creating and also will certainly continue to see a more affordable cost or normal gross sales.

Layout and also suit


Supply: Water Sound

Because water Sound Tri Multi-Sport utilizes bone transmission transducers, bring these black and also kid blue earphones is a single experience. For beginners, they’re extremely mild, at just 32 grams / 1.13 oz. Whereas earphones are usually light-weight also, positioning them on is additional like putting on a set of sunlight tones as a replacement of packing something in your ears as an outcome of they do not port in your ears. As a replacement, the transducers are placed in entry of the ears, sending out resonances using the bones there (essentially the once again of the cheekbones).

Because earphones are so mild, they’re in addition relatively comfortable to place on. I have actually in comparison them to sunlight tones earlier than, nevertheless any person that’s attempted entirely various sets knows that some can be a little also limited or a little bit also complimentary. Perfectly, the Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport seems outstanding.

The Tri Multi-Sports tasks distort over the ears and also throughout the once again of the leading and also are limited enough to stay in position throughout also fierce head activities. It can show up weird considering that they’re one measurement, nevertheless they’re made to take a seat far from the once again of the leading to fit entirely various dimensions. That alleviation and also weight, to not explain the bone transmission experience, makes the Tri Multi-Sport relatively best for its recognized goal.

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Close-Up Buttons

To that surface, they’re 100% water-proof with an IPX8 rating as they’re implied for usage as a great deal within the water as on a motorcycle or whereas operating. Truthfully, you’ll have the ability to immerse them as high as 12 toes undersea. Nevertheless, the audio premium quality adjustments undersea, so water has actually consisted of a set of three-pronged earplugs to be made use of within the water. A rubber chain can likewise be consisted of to affix the earphones to sunlight tones, wetsuit or various places, so you do not shed them.

The controls on the headset supply lots of efficiency using making use of 3 switches all located element by element on the suitable element of the gizmo. Nonetheless, they are difficult to use – in fact. Possibly it is to keep the buds water-proof, nevertheless I need to utilize a selection of tension to sign up a press, and also usually I need to make every effort a variety of circumstances to obtain the Tri Multi-Sport to do what I would certainly such as.

That is extremely real when doing something that calls for a variety of taps, representing changing in between Bluetooth and also memory setting (i.e. the headset’s integrated MP3 individual). Furthermore, the amount down switch calls for more tension and also usually a maintaining finger behind it to sign up as an outcome of it is placed on component of the headset that is not flush with my head. Consider needing to deal with this in the middle of a marathon.


As an outcome of the water Sound Tri Multi-Sport are expected to be made use of within the water, they not only consist of Bluetooth, however in addition have an built-in MP3 participant with 8GB of storage. It is about 2,000 songs. There’s an excellent motive for that: Bluetooth works terribly in water. You principally must preserve your Bluetooth supply just a few inches from any headphones once you’re within the water, which makes it unimaginable to make use of most true wi-fi headphones, regardless of how waterproof. Thus, this MP3 participant, which additionally helps .M4A, may be very sensible.

As for including MP3s to the Tri Multi-Sport, it is really fairly straightforward. You must use the company-provided proprietary cable for charging, however aside from that it is principally like transferring information to an exterior onerous drive. You possibly can even separate the music by folders, which could be browsed by way of the controls on the unit.

A observe about Bluetooth mode: I needed to re-pair the Tri Multi-Sport greater than as soon as once I put it in Bluetooth mode, which is considerably irritating.

Audio efficiency and high quality

H2O Tri Multi-Sport with Bottom

The sound high quality of bone conduction headphones, at the least for now, would not fairly attain the identical heights nearly as good high quality headphones, so it is necessary to regulate expectations. These are, in spite of everything, meant to present you entry to music whereas operating, biking and swimming. And so they’re meant to maintain your ears free, whether or not it is to listen to your environment or as a result of carrying headphones whereas operating a marathon will get fairly gross fairly rapidly.

With that in thoughts, the sound high quality of the H2O Tri Multi-Sport is fairly good. Once more, you do not get the immersion you’d get from headphones, however there is a respectable quantity of bass and a midrange that is full sufficient to maintain the audio satisfying with out getting muddy. They don’t seem to be very vivid or detailed headphones because you hear their sound as vibrations going by means of your bones, however they’re vivid sufficient. That is one of the best ways to explain the Tri Multi-Sport: adequate for his or her objective.

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport close-up left side

The H2O Tri Multi-Sport performs effectively in water. They won’t sound audiophile-level, however once you use the included earplugs, the sound high quality is sweet sufficient to maintain you motivated. Once you’re not utilizing the earplugs, they sound simply as you think about them – blowing and muffling, like one thing sounds in a film when the principle character falls underwater.

However, when utilizing the earplugs, the sound turns into a lot tighter. The low finish, whereas nonetheless a bit vague, is good and full, and the midrange is surprisingly clear. The excessive finish sounds a bit muted, however stays current to take pleasure in all the pieces you take heed to. Songs from the 60s and 70s largely sounded the identical, for instance, whereas extra trendy music appeared to sound a bit extra like these older tracks. Utilizing the earplugs additionally helps swimmers keep away from huge sound modifications when coming into and exiting the water, though you’ll nonetheless expertise some modifications.

Lastly, you’ll be able to take calls on the H2O Tri Multi-Sport, though you most likely do not need to. Once I examined this, my voice did not come out as clearly. I appeared distant and never very clear. Now think about how it might sound in the midst of a race. It’s higher to not use them to take calls.


H2O Audio Tri Multisport Charging Port

Throughout the battery check, I ran the H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport at 80% quantity whereas taking part in music from its “reminiscence mode,” aka MP3 participant. H2O Audio advertises a battery life of 4 to 6 hours relying on utilization. It lasted 6 hours and 20 minutes. It is similar to excellent true wi-fi headphones (with out an additional battery charging case, after all).

Simply remember that you just will not benefit from the final half hour of use in the event you’re listening to music, because the headset will remind you each minute or in order that the battery is low, but it surely will not let you know particularly how low.


Though you will not discover many different headphones geared toward triathletes, there are many bone conduction headphones that may go within the water. The Shokz OpenSwim, for instance, is totally waterproof and likewise comes with an integrated MP3 individual (4GB on this case) and likewise prices $150. After all, they’re simply meant for water. Shokz choices for runners simply like the OpenRun and OpenRun Professional, $130 and $180 respectively, are each succesful choices for runners however have an IP55 score and are subsequently not appropriate for triathlon kind occasions.

Do you have to purchase it?

At $150, the H2O Tri Multi-Sports activities are affordable if not cheap for his or her supposed use. So in order for you one thing multifunctional that may go within the water and be used over lengthy distances then these are greater than price it, particularly with the included MP3 participant. The Tri Multi-Sport (and its newer, dearer sibling) are most likely the most suitable choice for triathletes and anybody who wants a pair to be used with and with out water.

There’s actually nothing to complain about in the event you’re comfy with the bone conduction kind issue, except for the wonky controls. Whereas this may be fairly an annoying problem as you most likely do not need to fiddle with the earphones in the middle of a workout, it is the one real withdraw.

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