Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 6: is it time for an upgrade?

A Xiaomi MiBand 6 on a user's wrist displays the time.

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The most recent Xiaomi Mi Band is formally on racks regionally, with a worldwide rollout coming quickly. Based upon the specifications and also style of the current version, there’s a whole lot to eagerly anticipate. However what regarding that dependable older bro on your wrist? To learn if it’s about time for an upgrade, we contrast the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 to the Mi Band 6 and also have a look at the worth of each tool.

Mi Band 8 vs. Mi Band 6


An economical health and fitness tracker will certainly never ever head out of style, however that hasn’t quit Xiaomi from including some substantial designing upgrades to its most current version. While some style functions are rollovered from the Mi Band 7, others are entirely brand-new.

For beginners, the Mi Band 8 is longer and also larger than the Mi Band 6. It’s additionally somewhat thinner at 10.9 versus 12.7mm. The 8 revives the very same 1.62-inch, 192 x 490-pixel AMOLED screen as its precursor with always-on setting capacities, and also can currently strike 600 nits at peak illumination. It’s a lot larger, brighter and also much more useful than 2 generations earlier, particularly given that the brand-new version additionally flaunts a 60Hz refresh price.

The Mi Band 6 just loads a 1.56-inch screen without any always-on setting and also a peak illumination of simply 450 nits. The included property is a noticeable renovation, however so is the always-on setting that maintains statistics and also information available at a glimpse. The Mi Band 8 also uses watch encounters that function as home entertainment with usable video games on the display.

A user wears the most recent model as a pendant.

Connected to its smooth screen, the Mi Band 8 additionally includes a split band instead of the unibody style of the Mi Band 6. This isn’t a totally brand-new adjustment, as watchful customers will certainly identify a comparable view on the Mi Band 7 Pro. Nevertheless, it’s the greatest adjustment Xiaomi has actually made to the band for its base line, and also it brings the tool in accordance with various other prominent wearable brand names like Fitbit and also Apple. A lot more significantly, the tool can currently be used around the neck as a necklace or clipped to a sporting activities footwear. It will certainly track vital health and fitness metrics from these alternating placements, making it a a lot more functional tool.

The Mi Band 8 presents a brand-new band style in addition to the capability to put on the monitoring tablet as a pendant or on your footwear.

The tablet and also band style modifications additionally imply that the Mi Band 8 has a brand-new exclusive battery charger, which powers its 190mAh battery. The Mi Band 8 will certainly last approximately 16 days in regular setting and also approximately 6 days with always-on setting. The Mi Band 6 has a 125 mAh battery and also a 14-day battery life. Throughout our evaluation, nevertheless, we located that the sophisticated functions drain pipes the tool much quicker, causing a battery life of around a week.


A Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on a user's wrist displays available GPS.

Jimmy Westenberg/Android Authority

Past what they resemble, larger distinctions show up in what each tool can do. For the fundamentals, the Mi Band 6 and also Mi Band 8 share numerous standard functions, consisting of heart price tracking, rest and also anxiety monitoring, women health and wellness tracking, and also task metrics. individual (PAI). They additionally both include an SpO2 sensing unit, although the more recent version uses 24/7 continual tracking (instead of simply over night), in addition to SpO2 reduced degree informs. Neither version uses on-board general practitioner or, to our understanding, numerous wise functions. In China, a common version and also an NFC version have actually both been introduced, however it is not yet clear whether the very same will certainly be offered internationally.

Contrasted to more recent designs, the fitness functions of the Mi Band 6 are restricted.

Like the Mi Band 7, the 8 leads the 6 with optimum VO2 tracking and also progressed training evaluation such as training lots, training result and also recuperation data. The Mi Band 8 additionally uses 150 sporting activities settings, which is 5 times that of the Mi Band 6 (and also greater than you can profit). Along with the upgraded eights 6-axis accelerometer, Xiaomi has actually additionally included motion-based health and fitness courses to the Mi Health and fitness application, which customers can track and also adhere to for more training.

Costs and also shades

A set of the latest models display new watch faces with playable games.
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (worldwide, no NFC): $45.99 on Amazon.com
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (China, no NFC): 229 yuan (~$35)
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (China, NFC): 279 yuan (~$42)
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 8 (China, no NFC): 239 yuan (~$34)
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 8 (China, NFC): 279 yuan (~$40)

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 initially gone for $49.99, however can currently be located for upwards of $35 from third-party merchants. It is offered in 6 shades: black, orange, yellow, olive, cream color and also blue.

A worldwide version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is not yet offered. It is additionally unpredictable whether there will certainly be an NFC variation of the worldwide Mi Band 8. In the meantime, the existing designs are offered in 2 shades: Light Gold and also Brilliant Black.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6Xiaomi Mi Band 6
AA Editors' Choice

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Inexpensive Extended Health And Wellness Monitors Bright Present

An extra SpO2 tracker and also even more functions than its precursors.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is a strong health and fitness tracker with an AMOLED screen and also blood oxygen tracking.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Exact fitness monitoring Cost effective rate Distinct type element

Once again, Xiaomi uses a full health and fitness tracker at an inexpensive rate.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 functions a brand new band style and also the very same dynamic touchscreen as the previous generation. Whether endured the wrist, as a pendant and even affixed to a running footwear, the tool tracks vital health and fitness statistics and also uses useful health and wellness tracking devices for customers that intend to watch on their wellness. It’s an effective entry-level tracker at a wonderful rate.


Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Xiaomi Mi Band 8

1.62-inch AMOLED
Always-on screen setting
192×490 resolution
As Much As 600nits

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

1.56 inch AMOLED
152×486 resolution
As Much As 450nits

Sensing Units

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

PPG heart price sensing unit
6-axis movement sensing unit
SpO2 sensing unit
Linked General Practitioner

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

PPG heart price sensing unit
3 axis accelerometer
SpO2 sensing unit
Linked General Practitioner


Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Typical battery life of 16 days
6 days with DOA

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

2 week battery life


Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Bluetooth 5.1

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Bluetooth 5.0

Water resistance

Xiaomi Mi Band 8


Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Billing technique

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Magnetic billing

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Magnetic charging

Suitable Gadgets

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Android 6.0 or later on
iphone 12.0 or later on

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Android 5.0 or later on
iphone 10.0 or later on


Xiaomi Mi Band 8

48 x 22.5 x 10.99mm

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7mm


Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Shiny black, light gold

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Black, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Cream Color, Blue

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 6: which one to acquire?

The Band 8 is probably the best buy for most buyers and deserves an upgrade.

If you intend to use your arm band past your wrist, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is the very best option. It’s a much more functional tool with a much more detailed attribute embeded in regards to fitness monitoring. Furthermore, when it involves effective exercise devices, battery dimension, and also ideal screen, the Mi Band 8 is 3 for 3. It’s a significant renovation over the Mi Band 6, that makes feeling due to the fact that both of its generations are more recent.

That claimed, it’s additionally all new and also valued because of this. Currently 2 generations behind, the Mi Band 6 can be located greatly marked down. Also the Mi Band 7 will likely be offered at reduced costs once the Mi Band 8 hits racks internationally. At the same time, if you currently have an older version, updating is a harder choice. The Mi Band 8 brings sufficient to the table to be worth trading in, however just if its headlining functions are the ones you intend to utilize. We advise changing to 8 if you desire much more specialized training evaluation and also a much more straightforward screen.

If you desire an also much better exercise friend, we advise the Mi Band 7 Pro ($109.99 at Amazon.com). It is costly contrasted to various other bands. Nevertheless, it’s additionally the only version to provide integrated general practitioners for running and also biking without a phone in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both generations provide linked general practitioners however no incorporated general practitioner. You will certainly require to lug your phone to log information from outside exercises.

The Mi band 6 does not have NFC. In China, there is an NFC and also a non-NFC version of the Mi Band 8, nevertheless, it is uncertain if both alternatives will certainly be offered internationally.

You cannot utilize Alexa with the Mi Band 6. There is a version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 with a voice aide offered in China, however it is not yet clear if the worldwide designs will certainly sustain Alexa.

No. You will just obtain informs when there is an inbound phone call.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is one of the most effective Mi Band with the greatest display and also integrated general practitioners. The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is the very best non-Pro choice.

Mi Band 8 presents a brand-new functional band style and also screen improvements. It additionally includes added exercise functions, a larger battery, and also an enhanced movement sensing unit.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is still an economical and also good health and fitness tracker. Nevertheless, it is just worth purchasing a considerable price cut thinking about the existing option in the variety.

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